A preview of the January 13, 2012, edition of The Carmel Pine Cone

January 13 - 19, 2012

Dear Readers,

Those floor furnaces you see in older homes always seem highly suspect, don't they? Well, firefighters say the blaze that destroyed a Carmel cottage Tuesday morning probably started in the scary floor furnace. Also, firefighters were delayed in responding because of a glitch in the dispatch system. Mary Schley reports.

One probable candidate for city council announced this week he'll stay on the sidelines, while a totally unexpected candidate jumped into the race. Mary also has that one.

The city will ask an appeals court to reconsider its decision that one tiny part of the Flanders Mansion EIR was deficient. Mary has that story, too.

A popular live music venue in Carmel Valley has been shut down by county planning officials after a complaint from a single neighbor. Chris Counts has the sorry details.

A woman arrested for snail poaching (as in, "stealing," not, "cooking in water," though the latter is probably also what she had in mind) claimed in court this week she was arrested because she's Asian. We kid you not. Kelly Nix has that story.

A plan did to get rid of Light Brown Apple Moths without spraying pheromones everywhere didn't work out so well. A popular federal forestry official in Big Sur is being promoted out of the area to a bigger forest. A Carmel church is marking its centennial with the release of an unusually honest book. Our new comic strip, "Police Log," moves inside to its permanent home. I apologize in advance, but my editorial asks one city official (and council candidate) not to talk so damn much. And, despite the obesity epidemic among the poor, you've probably gotten used to hearing about how bad "hunger" is in America. But if you're interested to learn about a country where children are actually undernourished, be sure to visit my hot Internet links.

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Paul Miller, Publisher

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