A preview of the July 26, 2019, edition
        of The Carmel Pine Cone

July 26 - August 1, 2019

Dear Readers,

Everyone got quite a scare when a bomb threat forced evacuation of Sunset Center Friday afternoon — but the threat turned out to be a prank by a 10-year-old boy. Mary Schley reports.

A homeless woman has apparently been quite successful at squatting in a series of condos at the mouth of the valley. Kelly Nix has that story.

A family narrowly escaped death Tuesday when their small fishing boat lost power off Spanish Bay and crashed into the rocky shore. I have that byline.

The city council is interviewing the final round of candidates for city attorney. Carmel’s farmers market needs somebody new to run it. The public works department is asking beachgoers not to be such slobs. A man is under arrest for vandalism and spitting on a police officer. Rep. Jimmy Panetta is taking a stand against robocallers. A major condo project is nearing completion. The long-debated median lights for Ocean Avenue are finally being installed. Big Little Lies is over for this year, and if you watched, you have to admit you learned a lot about local geography and weather. We have another edition of our Healthy Lifestyles magazine for you, this one focusing on ways to help you keep your beautiful smile. And my editorial wants to know why we don’t have a right to an adequate supply of affordable water, too.

Paul Miller, Publisher

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