A preview of the November 15, 2019,
        edition of The Carmel Pine Cone

November 15 - 21, 2019

Dear Readers,

Major water news this week: Cal Am says two local officials misrepresented the facts about water demand and droughts when they tried to pull the plug on the desal plant. And a state water official was emphatic at the coastal commission in saying desal is needed to meet the Monterey Peninsula’s needs. Kelly Nix has those stories.

Rat poisons are taking a heavy toll on local wildlife and there’s a move afoot to have them banned. Chris Counts has that one.

Karen Pence, aka Mrs. Vice President of the United States, visited Carmel Plaza Wednesday to learn about a local teen’s honey business. Mary Schley reports.

The Carmel Art Association says its gallery has also been damaged by a stalled construction project next door. Two transients could face arrest if they don’t start behaving themselves. Solar-powered speed warning signs recently installed in Carmel Valley have been riddled with bullets. Plans for an automobile elevator at a downtown condo complex have been nixed by the city council. Carmel’s “in lieu” parking fees are way too high, the city’s top planning official says. Property owners in Big Sur were relieved (sort of) to hear that they (probably) don’t need permits to clear brush around their homes. The owner of a duplex has been told he can’t short-term rent one of the units because a previous owner promised not to. A new effort is under way to make it easier to donate unwanted office and medical equipment. And my editorial says that even if you don’t know what “permit redundancy” is, it has a big effect on your life.

Paul Miller, Publisher

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