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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm a subscriber to the email edition, but when I receive the Thursday night emails, the links aren't clickable. Why?

A: We have more than 14,000 subscribers to our email edition (in addition to approximately 21,000 in print). Because of the volume of emails we send every week, some subscribers receive a message which has been diverted by a spam filter along the way. To avoid having your emails blocked altogether, or receiving them with the link info stripped out, try adding paul@carmelpinecone.com to your address book. Or check your email service provider's help files for information on receiving Pine Cone emails intact. Otherwise, you can copy and paste the link info into your web browser's url address window. And you can always download each edition from our website. If all else fails, send an email to mail@carmelpinecone.com and we will figure out a way to help.

Q: What's the best way to view the PDF Pine Cone on my iPad?

A: After downloading the edition you're interested in, touch the center of the image of the front page. A button appears at the upper right: "Open in iBooks." Touch it. After a few seconds, the edition opens in iBooks and is also stored on your iPad for reading even if you don't have Internet access.

Q: Can I search for text in the email Pine Cone or zoom in to make the words bigger?

A: Yes. How you do so depends on the application you are using to view the email Pine Cone. Some web browsers have their own tools for zooming and searching, but usually command-plus does the trick. With some browsers, you can right-click (Windows) or control-click (Macintosh) to open the email Pine Cone in a separate application such as Acrobat, Acrobat Reader or Preview.

Q: How do I download back issues?

A: An archive is available at www.carmelpinecone.com/archivex.htm.

Q: How do I unsubscribe or change my email address?

A: Use the links at the bottom of one of the Thursday night emails.

Q: How do I place an advertisement in The Pine Cone?

A: See our advertising help page.

Q: I have something newsworthy I would like The Pine Cone to cover. Whom do I send it to?

A: News items within Carmel-by-the-Sea should be submitted to mary@carmelpinecone.com. Events in Big Sur, Carmel Valley, or which deal with the arts, should be sent to chris@carmelpinecone.com. News items from Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach, and the rest of the Monterey Peninsula should go to kelly@carmelpinecone.com. Calendar items should go to calendar@carmelpinecone.com. Obituaries go to obituary@carmelpinecone.com. If you are not sure where to send your info, please direct it to mail@carmelpinecone.com.

Q: How do I submit a letter to the editor?

A: Send it to letters@carmelpinecone.com. Keep it to 350 words, please. And do not submit it if you have already sent it to another newspaper.

Q: I recently sold or purchased a home, and I would like to keep the information from being published in The Pine Cone. How do I ask for my home sale or my name to be omitted?

A: Please see our home sales reporting policy.

Q: You printed something that was wrong. How I do ask for a correction?

A: Please contact the reporter who made the error, or the publisher. The latest contact information is available here.

Q: You printed something which I didn't like, and I would like it removed from your archive. How do I do that?

A: We never make changes to past editions, except to correct factual errors. To report a factual error, please contact the reporter who made the error, or the publisher. The latest contact information is available here.

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