A preview of the March 6, 2015, edition
        of The Carmel Pine Cone

March 6 - 12, 2015

Dear Readers,

A critical moment is approaching for Cal Am's desal test well -- and for the entire community's water supply -- as the well nears completion and the water company gets ready to measure its output. Kelly Nix reports.

A major disaster was narrowly averted over the weekend after a bulldozer working on private property punctured a 10-inch high-pressure pipeline that delivers natural gas to Carmel and Carmel Valley. Thankfully, the rupture was repaired before the gas, which leaked for three hours, had a chance to ignite. Mary Schley has the details.

A resident trying to stop homeowners a block away from building a new house suffered a major setback when the coastal commission's staff said his complaints (mostly about noise) weren't even important enough to hear. Mary has that one, too.

Pacific Grove is using a hawk, an owl and a falcon to scare away some of the seagulls fouling downtown. Chris Counts has the rundown.

Carmel High students are making a serious run at a major science prize. Groundbreaking is near for a new veterans cemetery at Fort Ord. The city council approved new restrictions on tasting rooms, while also declining to reopen plans for the remodel of Forest Theater. A firefighter has filed a $1M lawsuit over a chain-reaction crash involving four fire trucks. A meeting to hear concerns about the new roundabout on Highway 68 was "productive," according to a county supervisor. And my editorial recommends a simple step you can take that will do a lot to protect yourself and your family in an emergency.

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