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        of The Carmel Pine Cone

April 3 - 9, 2015

Dear Readers,

If the Monterey Peninsula's water supply is cut back as much as the state is threatening, the impact on municipal revenues could be severe, and the budget OK'd this week for next year's spending on the city's infrastructure shows just how much the council is concerned about it. Mary Schley reports.

A spate of mysterious airplane flights over Big Sur has residents wondering what's going on, even as numerous government officials say they have no idea. Chris Counts has the story.

The EIR for the proposed Carmel Canine Sports Center is out and, as expected, traffic and noise are the biggest impacts. Chris Counts has that one, too.

An elderly driver on Camino Real accidentally stepped on the gas instead of the brake and drove right through the front of her garage, and then right through the back, too. Mary Schley was there for the rescue and has the story and photos.

The city accepted a $1.45 million bid for the re-do of the Forest Theater, but still has some major decisions to make. Stuart Elder was sentenced to 13 years in prison for killing two women in a Pebble Beach DUI crash. We have two more mysteries for you this week — one that's solved, involving the founder of the Pebble Beach Company, and another that's still out there, about a missing mural by one of Carmel's most renowned artists. And my editorial looks at what the statewide drought means for the Monterey Peninsula, and what it doesn't mean for the people in Bakersfield and Berkeley. 

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