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        edition of The Carmel Pine Cone

April 17 - 23, 2015

Dear Readers,

After being convinced that the grand jury investigating the Jason Stilwell era had good reasons for demanding to see some of the city's confidential personnel files, a judge quickly ordered the city to hand them over, and the city just as quickly complied. Now we wait for the grand jury to make its findings. Mary Schley reports.

Concours on the Avenue is such an important event, the city should waive more than $29,000 in permits fees for the event, the recreation commission says. Will the council agree? Mary has that story, as well.

Local bus service is facing major cutbacks because a pension dispute may disrupt the flow of federal tax dollars that keeps it afloat. Kelly Nix has the details.

A DUI rollover crash on Carmel Valley Road Wednesday night took out yet another fire hydrant and flooded several businesses. A Jacks Peak property owner is fighting the serious penalty he was hit with after cutting more than two dozen trees without a permit. The city council approved a $1.6M contract for the renovation of the Forest Theater. A "dream team" of businessmen is behind the latest plan to renovate a local eyesore. The county is trying again to come up with an ordinance to regulate short term rentals -- an especially hot topic in Big Sur. Pacific Grove has declared a moratorium on any more thrift shops in that city. If it seemed like everybody you ran into this week had an easel and paintbrushes, it was just because there was a plein aire convention going on. And my editorial tells you what you should do if you don't like parking meters, fire rings and other changes that have come to town.

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