A preview of the April 24, 2015,
        edition of The Carmel Pine Cone

April 24 - 30, 2015

Dear Readers,

Just when the city's plan to limit beach fires was about to go into effect it ran into a new set of appeals from people who say the city's tradition of free public beach access (including making fires) is too important to be curtailed. Mary Schley reports.

Many Monterey Peninsula residents have been hit with big water bills because of "tiered" rates intended to discourage them from using too much. An appeals court decision this week seemed to end the practice ... except that it didn't. Not here, anyway. Kelly Nix explains.

We have two rather unusual crime stories this week: A bank robber who wore the worst disguise in history was arrested after ineptly breaking into P.O. boxes. And a man who hid in a bathroom so he could break into a jewelry store was nabbed by quick-thinking cops before he had a chance to escape with his loot. Mary has both tales.

A disaster was narrowly averted when a fire broke out at The Lodge at Pebble Beach early Wednesday. Mary has that one, too.

There's plenty of evidence that condors are well on their way to recovery in Big Sur -- and we have a very unusual photo to demonstrate it. Water rules for restaurants with outdoor seating are about to be significantly tightened. Dog walkers have launched a petition drive against new leash rules at Fort Ord. A giant among local volunteers has died. We have a special section loaded with suggestions for things you and your family can do to make your summer special. And my editorial uses a sandbox analogy to explain what's going on with the Marina test well and why it's so important.

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