A preview of the May 22, 2015, edition
        of The Carmel Pine Cone

May 22 - 28, 2015

Dear Readers,

Yet another long-time city employee has left his job under controversial circumstances, but with a new city administrator in place, the situation seems to have been handled in a more civilized manner. Mary Schley reports.

The two culinary entrepreneurs who went from close friends and collaborators to courtroom antagonists have settled their differences, they say. Kelly Nix has that one.

A major sewage spill into Monterey Bay hit Pacific Grove Monday, and the town's mayor is promising an investigation. Kelly Nix has that one, too.

Yet another flood hit Carmel Plaza this week. A new city clerk has been named, but instead of being another outsider, she's someone who's already well known around town. The Mission is set for a new round of renovations, and the changes were enthusiastically received by the historic resources board. The two men everybody believed were the owners of Dametra restaurant are making their case that everybody was right. Opponents of Cal Am's desal plant are angrily disputing some of the findings of the desal plant's EIR. The San Clemente Dam is about to be torn down -- piece by piece. We have a glossy new health and fitness magazine for you -- one that is exclusively about local experts and local opportunities. And my editorial admits that The Pine Cone is biased (in favor of the public good).

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