A preview of the November 13, 2015,
        edition of The Carmel Pine Cone

Nov. 13 - 19, 2015

Dear Readers,

He's been our congressman for more than two decades, and Thursday morning Sam Farr shocked everybody by announcing he wouldn't seek another term -- an announcement that left the field wide open heading into the election next year. Kelly Nix reports.

Speaking of not running again, Mayor Jason Burnett said this week he would say goodbye to city hall in April after six very eventful years. Mary Schley has that one.

The Monterey Peninsula's Sword of Damocles -- also known as the water cutback order -- won't be dropped at least until the end of 2020, if the mayor's water authority has its way. Kelly Nix has that story.

If you want to open a chocolate shop in town, make sure it's unique, and don't call it a "factory." That is, if you want a permit from the city council. Mary Schley has the details.

A former council candidate won't be charged with drug crimes, despite evidence of a meth lab found at his rental home. The Monterey County sheriff has scheduled a public meeting on the sudden cancellation of overnight patrols. A Pebble Beach woman says her beloved poodle was grabbed and killed by a mountain lion. The local real estate market, after some wild swings over the last 15 years, has lately adopted a "steady as she goes" attitude. A very cute little girl no more than two feet tall has returned home after a 50-year absence. And my editorial advises you to take very seriously your vote to pick Sam Farr's replacement.

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Paul Miller, Publisher

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