A preview of the November 27, 2015,
        edition of The Carmel Pine Cone

Nov. 27 - Dec. 3, 2015

Dear Readers,

The A.M. Allan house across Highway 1 from Pt. Lobos may have been the home of a renowned local pioneer but has been altered so much over the decades, there's really no reason it can't be torn down, according to an expert. Chris Counts has the details.

A local doctor has been convicted in a bizarre stalking case. Mary Schley has the story, but I advise you not to read it if you're afraid of snakes.

Marijuana shops are banned in town, and the city is updating the prohibition to make sure it stays in effect despite some confusing new state laws making it more difficult to ban them. Mary Schley explains.

The city wants to build a new footpath around the back of the Carmel Mission, and you won't believe the complexity and expense of the undertaking, considering the path will only be 1,400 feet long. Mary has that one, too.

Two developments on Carmel Point: A woman wasn't arrested for vandalizing a car last week because it was her own car. Meanwhile, the man who admitted beating his landlady almost to death in January has been sentenced to five years in state prison.

A group that raises money to support local schools has an idea for a gift to put under your tree — the board game "Carmelopoly." In this chilly weather, you've probably started using your fireplace again, but have you had the man in top hat and tails over to make sure it's safe? We have a whole bunch of wonderful holiday features about local events and gift ideas in our special section, "Holiday Guide." And my editorial has some advice you might want to take to heart if news ever happens to you.

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Paul Miller, Publisher

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