A preview of the April 21, 2017,
        edition of The Carmel Pine Cone

April 21 - 27, 2017

Dear Readers,

With water activists stepping up their campaign to stop Cal Am from building the Marina desal plant, even as they get ready to launch yet another takeover attempt of the water company, the Peninsula's six mayors are warning that the activists are threatening "the quality of life" of everybody else. Kelly Nix reports. 

A UC tree researcher says somebody may have poached more than 20 redwood trees from Big Sur. Chris Counts has that one.

A woman accused of running various scams in Monterey County is being hit with a passel of new claims. Mary Schley has the story. 

Stevenson school is asking alumni from 30 years ago whether they were ever abused or mistreated by a former teacher. Kelly Nix has the details. 

The state attorney general has sued a nonprofit that claims to be from Carmel, alleging that money donated for wounded veterans was diverted for personal expenses. Peninsula businesses are working to counter the slowdown of tourism resulting from the closing of Highway 1 through Big Sur. The planning commission has approved a new building for one of Carmel's smallest lots. We have a special section for you offering dozens of suggestions for ways to keep your kids busy this summer. And my editorial takes a look at the latest shenanigans of local water activists, whose behavior is an example of something Sally Field warned about.

Paul Miller, Publisher

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