A preview of the May 19, 2017, edition
        of The Carmel Pine Cone

May 19 - 25, 2017

Dear Readers,

It may still be known as the Carmel Resort Inn, but the property on Carpenter Street near Second is neither a resort nor an inn. What it is is an eyesore that's been cited for numerous code violations and has a very uncertain future. Mary Schley explains. 

When Highway 1 starts reopening one segment at a time later this summer, it will create some interesting traffic problems -- especially since the first part of the scenic highway that becomes accessible will essentially be an island. Chris Counts reports. 

The county courthouse on Aguajito Road is a major seismic risk, according to a recent study, but officials say nobody has the money to fix it. Kelly Nix has that one. 

A new marketing plan for the City of Carmel proposes to highlight some things you may find surprising. Somebody's illegally pruning trees and shrubs near the ocean, presumably to improve a view. Plans are moving forward for another big event during Car Week. A shoplifter hit the same pricey leather goods store on Ocean Avenue twice. A woman's proposal for a marijuana business at the mouth of the valley has run into competition. The SPCA is caring for some of the oddest, and the most adorable, animals you've ever seen. And my editorial says that if you want to market something, all you gotta do is find something about it most people already love.

Paul Miller, Publisher

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