A preview of the November 3, 2017,
        edition of The Carmel Pine Cone

November 3 - 9 2017

Dear Readers,

In a story that gives the words, "identity theft," a whole new meaning, Mary Schley tells the incredible tale of a mouth-of-the-valley resident who had to prove he wasn't a looter.

We all know that some of the skin care shops on Ocean Avenue have gone too far with their marketing, but are they actually trapping customers inside and intimidating them into buying expensive products they don't want? Mary Schley has that one, too.

One of the most popular local winter attractions has been cancelled for this year because its usual location has become unsafe. Kelly Nix has the details.

The planning commission is taking a hard line with a couple of signs and an awning it thinks aren't suitable for Carmel. A woman accused of being a scam artist has pled not guilty to writing a bunch of bad checks. The P.B. golf course has two more big tournaments to add to its calendar. If you think felons should be able to vote -- even while they're in prison -- an upcoming ballot measure is for you. Monterey County has announced a new program that lets you text 911 (no emojis, please). And my editorial says diversity is fine, but maybe not for green cards.

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Paul Miller, Publisher

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