A preview of the June 18, 2021, edition
        of The Carmel Pine Cone

June 18 - 24, 2021

Dear Readers,

The end of the pandemic shutdowns has gone smoothly around the Monterey Peninsula, with most people seemingly happy to see it and only a few disputes about who should be wearing masks. Kelly Nix reports.

CUSD schoolteachers and staff members will be getting nice bonuses to compensate for all the extra work they did to keep kids learning during Covid. Mary Schley has that one.

A Juneteenth rally in Devendorf Park Wednesday didn’t have a permit — and nobody at city hall even knew it was going to happen. Mary Schley has that one, too.

A former city employee who pled guilty to embezzling money from the payroll system she helped administer may have to forfeit some of the money in her CalPERS account. A wanted felon was apprehended last Friday after he drove the wrong way on Junipero Street. The Carmel Heritage Society has a new exhibit about how Carmel residents coped with the virus. Carmel Valley may finally be getting a dog park. City hall says it will soon return to live meetings, and the Carmel Foundation says it will reopen July 1 for in person visits and services. Investigators are still trying to determine why a driver smashed into a Pacific Grove public works warehouse two weeks ago (the accident killed the driver and heavily damaged the building). The Carmel Police Department is making promotions and hiring new officers. Firefighters at one local fire district are locked in a serious dispute with management about pay rates and staffing levels. Convicted rapist Tom Pollacci will be moved to the county jail when he gets out of state prison. The school district has retained a private investigator to make sure students live where they say they do. P.G. is weighing a gas station’s request to sell liquor and how many marijuana shops should be allowed to open in town. Goats have been back on wildfire prevention duty — this time at Jacks Peak. Dennis Taylor pays tribute to the man who taught him how not to catch a foul ball. Neal Hotelling profiles a famous concert pianist who gave up much of his career so he could live here. We have a special section for you about some of the Monterey Peninsula’s most interesting cottages — including the breathtaking stone cottage actress Kim Novak called home. And my editorial offers an easy way for the government to solve all its problems.

Paul Miller, Publisher

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