A preview of the November 26, 2021,
        edition of The Carmel Pine Cone

November 26 - December 2, 2021

Dear Readers,

While the coronavirus is surging in some parts of Europe and the United States, the rate of new cases remains moderate and stable here. Will that change over the holidays? Mary Schley reports what the experts are saying.

While the new superintendent of Carmel schools is dealing with controversies over the CHS mascot and lights at the football field, he also says he’d like to see the schools offer stronger programs for students who may not be college-bound. Mary Schley has that one, too.

Plans for a 225-room hotel near the aquarium ran into roadblocks over traffic, noise and trees at the Pacific Grove planning commission this week. Chris Counts has the details.

A former CHS student is back on the Peninsula to raise money for a series of birthing clinics she established in Senegal. You know all those internet surveys you get, asking how you liked this or that? Soon, you’ll be able to fill them out for the county’s 911 service. Another community meeting is planned to review the proposed overhaul of a dilapidated hotel on Carpenter Street. The suspect in a random stabbing on the rec trail remains behind bars. The attorney for a Carmel Valley man convicted in April of murdering his father says he may not be mentally competent to participate in any further court proceedings. The district attorney has sued a major Salinas Valley grower for allegedly exposing workers to pesticides. The sale of a NOAA building near Point Pinos is being delayed to give community activists a chance to try to buy it. Dennis Taylor has the story of Stevenson School’s efforts to rebuild its basketball squad after all the cancellations due to Covid. Neal Hotelling explores the hazardous, front-line experiences a future Carmel mayor had during World War I. We have a special section packed with inside tips about local events and shopping opportunities during the holidays. And with some homeowners objecting to lights at the CHS football field, my editorial explains how the school happened to be built in the neighborhood where it is.

Paul Miller, Publisher

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